How to choose a window and door company

Windows and Doors for our homes provide lovely morning light to view the outdoors while we sip on that first cup of coffee. Windows and Doors allow us to see our children or pets playing in the backyard, and protects us from heat, cold, and rain.

But what happens when you realize one day that your windows let in too much heat or cold, and suddenly you’re faced with the fact your windows and doors aren’t very energy efficient? Usually, this is the beginning of the big research project for the homeowner to find the right window and door company. Shopping for new replacement windows and door company has become an overly complicated process; with so many companies fighting for your business its an overwhelming process to go through all the options and companies to find the right fit for your needs. Luckily, I’m giving you this road map to reduce the time and confusion of window and door shopping.  Window and door companies range from: I do roofing, fencing, and a window / door job every four years just like the Olympics; to… we are window and door professions that install window and door jobs weekly, and we install every window and door like its going into our own home – BTW Sol Solutions strives hard to be the latter window and door company.We all know finding the right contractor is vital, because of potentially costly mistakes, lousy quality, or delayed work because the company isn’t an organized individual.

Window and Door Company Referrals

The easiest way to begin the window and door company search by is asking friends, checking social media, and reading reviews.

One word of caution on reviews, having a bad review doesn’t mean the window and door company did terrible work, it may be the case the contractor did an excellent job at a fair price under the circumstances, so look into the contextual meaning of the review.
Having a pattern of the same complaint by companies is a glaring red flag when reading reviews, and these contractors should be avoided.

Once you start having window and door companies come to your home and get exact quotes, this is your best opportunity to see first hand how much knowledge of windows and doors with labor the representative knows and do they go future and suggest better ways to change window and door design to address your window and door issues better.

Ask the window and door company representative a lot of how and why questions about the window and door with labor.  The conversation about the installation process is the most important. A good window and door company that sends out a rep to give you a quote should be able to walk you through the entire process of how the new replacement window and doors will be installed into your home and what to expect.

Window and Door Craftsmanship

Since our window and door company sets a very high bar on craftsmanship.  Knowledge of windows and doors, let’s look our strengths as a way for you to interview a contractor for your window replacement job.

  1. Our window and door installers have training on best methods and practices for proper installation of the window and doors on different types of home.
  2. When our company sends out an installer to install your windows and doors, he is an actual window and door installer that does this trade for a living.
  3. The window and door installations included the total job, clean up, and the hauling off of the old windows and doors from your job site. There is no hidden frees or charges.
  4. The window and door supplier we use only make custom sized windows and doors to more precisely fit your window openings.
  5. We make yearly commitments to learning more either through our window and door supplier or professional window  organizations to have the latest insights on products and training.
  6. The way we quote window and door jobs differ from most. Every detail is transparent and spelled out in every window and door quote: the window and door size and type, glass options, color, and any unusual labor cost, so you know where your money is being spent.
  7. Everyone is a fan of ethical business practices that’s why it is utilized by Sol Solutions to guide most every decision made by us is for the benefit of the homeowner. This means if we come to your home to give window/ door estimate and we see something that we cant do to our standards we won’t accept the job.

Homeowners sometimes fail to realize the best source of information about a window contractor can actually come from the window manufacture that the contractor deals with, so pick up the phone and call the window manufacture to see if the contractor is on their preferred list. The window and door manufacture wants you as a homeowner to have to the best experience possible, so they only recommend the best window and door companies to work on your house.

Why this Window and Door Company is Different

Replacement window and door contractors are not all the same, and Sol Solutions has built a reputation as window and door professionals. To stay extremely competitive on pricing we keep our overhead down to a minimum to pass the extra saving to our valued customers. Our happy customers pay us back by referring our window services when possible, which keeps advertising cost low.

Sol Solutions truly enjoys being selected by homeowners to replace old windows and doors  with new energy efficient custom windows and doors. It’s always rewarding to hear from our customers what a significant difference our windows and doors made for their homes. Being a leader in the replacement window business requires a lot of work on our behalf, but it’s rewarding to know we can do replacement window and doors jobs as good or better than most of our competition. Because of our experienced window and door installers; our ability to work with budgets; where to trim cost and how best use upgrades make Sol Solutions an excellent choice for your window and door job.

Buying new windows and doors for your home doesn’t have to be overly stressful if you take your time hunting and thoroughly vetting
contractors, you will find a reliable, trustworthy window company.