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Replacement Windows

Choosing the right replacement window for your home can confusing and time consuming.  We’re all guilty of looking at various products and saying: “they all look basically same, lets go with the cheapest price”.  Unfortunately, window replacement, like anything else, you get what you pay for.  There’s high degree of customization involved with choosing the right replacement window for your home.  Everything from type of window frame, window grille design, how the window opens, window shape, Low-E Coatings, sound suppression and hardware.

Vinyl Replacement Windows:  are most popular windows these days due to the low cost in manufacturing and maintenance, couple that with its high energy efficiency qualities; its any easy choice for most homeowners.  One of the draw backs is color choices in vinyl window frames.  There are three basic choices in vinyl replacement window frames: white, cream, taupe.  Darker vinyl window frames warp after a few years in the sun.  Over the years to vinyl window manufactures have begun painting the exterior of the vinyl window frames in an effort to offer more color options.  The verdict is still out on the the longevity of the paint.

Fiberglass Replacement Windows:  Fiberglass windows are gaining traction in the market place.  Fiberglass replacement windows are much stronger, durable and better energy efficiency characteristics than vinyl replacement windows.  Another selling feature of fiberglass replacement windows is the frame is stainable, like wood.  There is a much wider selection of colors and some window manufactures offer a powder coated frames.  They come with a much higher price tag and are much more difficult to manufacture.

Stay tuned for future articles featuring aluminum and wood replacement windows.