Looking for window and door replacement?  We have partnered with Milgard to offer the very best replacement windows on the market.

Replacement Windows

This weekend I went to the Dallas Home and Garden Show at Market Hall.  I marveled at the many new and old home improvement products with my wife.  We scampered from booth to booth and I took a running total of replacement window vendors, quietly in my head, as we toured the facility.  There were well over a dozen replacement window companies at this show.  I remember thinking: “man thats a lot of window replacement companies and all of their product seem the same”.  So, what makes a great window?

First the frame, most of the vendors at the show were offering vinyl and I agree, vinyl is the most energy efficient at reasonable price.   Vinyl, like anything else varies in quality and we offer only premium vinyl products such as, Jeld-Wen Premium Vinyl Windows and Sunshield Vinyl.

Secondly, and as important as the vinyl itself, the glass.  Thickness of glass and distance between panes.  Low-E qualities and sound reduction with Argon filled glass.

If your considering replacement windows on your home, these are the most important considerations, when evaluating any window replacement contractor.