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U-factor and solar heat gain.  Spoke or read a little more about vinyl windows and getting closer to making a choice, but still confused about what make a quality window?  Two units of measurements in the industry are U-factor and solar heat gain.  U-Factor determine heat loss and solar heat gain determines energy passing through the glass and frame.  Lower of these two number the better the vinyl window performs

On extremely cold and windy day in the dead of winter it’s not hard to determine where the drafts coming from in your home.   Windows and Doors are the biggest culprits of heat loss, which is referred to in the window industry as U-Factor.  Lower the U-Factor is the greater efficiency of your replacement vinyl windows.  Replacement vinyl windows have a tremendous advantage over builder grade aluminum windows.  Builders grade aluminum windows have a higher U-Factor as result of cheaper material, such as aluminum which heats up and cools down rapidly as it transmits energy from the outside in and the inside out.  Their frames are much thinner than a quality Dallas vinyl windows and the seals that separate the panes fail after a few years.   Look around your home and perhaps you’ve noticed some of your windows are fogged, this is a result of seal failure and it might be a good time to consider a quality replacement window with new vinyl windows.

Vinyl window improvements with solar heat gain have been vast.  Latest Low-E glazing offer an 80% gain in efficiency over traditional clear glass.  Vinyl windows with current low-e glazing bounce the suns thermal energy back into the atmosphere before it can pass into your home and heat up your home on hot days, making your home more energy efficient and lowering your electrical consumption in the summer time.

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