Milgard replacement windows offer many styles in many frame options.

Dallas Replacement Windows

Considering replacement windows?

If you are not up on the latest window technology and are seriously thinking of replacing your windows, there are several things to keep in mind:

Vinyl vs. Wood replacement windows:  While vinyl windows now dominate the market, many manufacturers make wood windows; however, wood can cost two to three times as much as vinyl. Also need routine maintenance to keep them in good repair.  Vinyl windows need virtually no maintenance.  You can get wood windows clad in aluminum on the outside for protection, allowing the beauty of wood on the interior.  As for insulating values, both vinyl and wood are about the same.

New Replacement Window Frame Materials: You also can get composite and fiberglass replacement windows with no-maintenance, easy-to-paint windows; they can be designed to look like wood grain. Typically, they cost more than vinyl replacement windows.

Low-E Replacement Windows:
Pretty much any replacement window you buy today is low-emissivity, or Low-E. The technology, which involves coating the windows with a metal or metallic oxide, has continued to improve.  Low-E window Replacement Windows can keep heat either in a house (solar gain) or out (solar loss). Different solar gain/loss windows can be used on the sunny and cool sides of a house to control your home’s temperature.
The important thing to know is that low-e replacement windows can provide huge energy savings, depending on your location — as much as 35 percent according to the Efficient Windows Collaborative (EWC) — over your old, single-pane windows.